Wheel hubs are too wide to fit on truck axle

I’m building an electric longboard. The front wheels are two of these 5 inch pneumatic wheels:

However, hub is 33mm wide and is basically as wide as the exposed axle on my truck, which means I can’t secure the nylock nut on the threads. I thought of two possible ways to solve this:

  • Grind the truck hanger down to expose more axle so the hub can sit further in
  • Drill a small hole in the side of the axle so that a smaller screw (say m4) can screw into it and hold the wheel in place

Has anyone had this problem, and which way is better to solve it?

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Welcome to the ESK8 forum, @Snikerdoodlz. I would recommend against either of those options and just buy some new trucks.

Do you know of any trucks that have long 8mm axles? I found mountain board trucks with long axles, but they were 12mm.

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Torqueboard tb218 and other ecaliber derivatives


How long are the axles on Caliber II’s? I couldn’t find any info aside from one site that listed it as 7.25" for the hanger and 10" total width, which equates to 69.85mm, or 34.925mm per axle, which is not enough.

Not caliber 2, Ecaliber which is basically the same with longer axles

Forgive me, but a Google search for “ecaliber trucks” doesn’t immediately show me the aforementioned trucks, could you point me in the right direction?

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That’s where you can find it in Europe : Caliber E-TRUCK with extended axle – ElectricBoardSolutions

In US, it is the TB218 by torque boards.

What’s great with these “caliber like” trucks is that you can use a caliber 2 motor mount, which is really common.

I hope it helps ! :wink:

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