Wheel hubs for 6x2" pneumatic tires

These wheel hubs were machined from solid rounds of acetal Delrin. They are not 3d printed. Hubs were design to fit the following 6x2” pneumatic tires: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/6X2-tyre-6-Inch-Scooter-Tire-Inner-Tube-Set-Electric-Scooter-Wheel-Chair-Truck-Electric/32840513077.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.czdUJy Hubs come in 2 pieces and bolt together with 3 x M6 hex caps. Hub diameter is ~74mm, rim diameter ~90.5mm, overall thickness ~39mm. They can be customized to fit standard bearings ie TB218, Evolve, mbs or Trampa trucks.

2-pieces hubs with M6 hex bolts and 10-24 bolts for pulley

with customized acetal delrin pulley IMG_2767

2-halves bolted together

Customized pulley bolted to inner half of hub IMG_2769

Complete hub with pulley IMG_2772

M6 bolted to the inner-half hub

Easy installation of hub: Inner-half hub place over the opening IMG_2776

Outer-half hub bolted together with other half to complete the wheel assembly IMG_2778

Outer hub IMG_2779

Inner hub with pulley IMG_2780

Complete wheel IMG_2781


Are you going to be producing these so they’re available to buy?

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They will be available to purchase in the near future. I still need to iron out a few details before producing them.

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Really interested in this. Will these work for those airless tyres as well?

These can be customized to fit any tires. I would need the dimension of the opening.

The airless fit the 6 shooters, but need 2.5mm sleeve to fit tight. I’ll see if I can get you an ID tonight after I get home.

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The ID if the tire is 70mm, but the OD of the 6 shooters is 76mm so there is a lot of stretch in the airless tires. I would suggest an OD of 80mm to reduce the slippage and make a tight fit.

Mike, thanks for the dimensions. The current :point_up: is ID ~74mm, rim diameter ~90.5mm. Hub can be customized to fit any wheel sizes.

If you can make them in black, maybe an ID of 76, I’d try a set assuming the cost is right.

Just gonna mention this.

Don’t forget you’ll probably need to provide wheel spacers of proper lengths for installation if you sell these as your pics don’t look to have any spacers installed with the bearings in…

No spacers = big no no, you need inner race support.


I would thicken up the beads on those too. These tires can inflate to some pretty high psi. I popped the side of a plastic hub off riding in the riverbed when I first started testing 6" tires.


3.5" x 12" solid round acetal stock to be sliced into 1" thick puck IMG_2785

Hub can be customized to fit mountainboard 12x28x8mm bearing (MBS and Trampa), 9.525x22.225x7mm (Trampa Street Carver), or standard 8x22x7mm (TB218, Evolve, …) IMG_2783


Sliced into ~1" thick pucks


Ready to be machined



I need two sets of wheel gears for mbs rockstars. PM me if you think this task is good for you. I’ve seen POM, nylon with carbon fiber, and aluminum. Trying to make a decision here