Wheel pulley for Venom Cannibal-wheels?

Does anyone make wheel pulleys for Venom cannibal wheels? :thinking: Wheels seem quite wide (from 62-70mm) so is it impossible to fit the pulley between the hanger and the wheel? Just toying around the idea of using Venom wheels instead of abecs or orangatangs but have not seen any wheel pulleys made for Venoms.

Link to different Venom wheels http://venomskate.com/wheels/

I would not recommend using anything less than 83mm wheel on an electric skateboard. I don’t know of any pulleys that fit those, but they could be custom-made.

Yeah, I have had wheels ranging from 76mm to 97mm and the ride quality differs quite much. Still would be interesting to try the venoms.

i run 76mm venoms and am in process of designing a proper pulley for them. i currently have a pulley made for em but is used on outside of wheel on my 100% 3D Build (including belt) .

I’ll post it up when finished (next couple days), already have solid start.

so far i enjoy riding on the venoms the most even at 76mm


Cool idea for prototyping! Keep us posted how it goes :slight_smile:

just put prototype on printer be done in about 3hrs.:sunglasses:

{12mm & 15mm both with 22mm bore}

first print fits great, no supports needed for printing, although gonna make some adjustment and mill it, cause tab inserts are pretty thin on venom hubs.



UPDATE: •added in bearing reatainer •sturdied up HUB inserts

(Forgive the print quality, just rough prototypes) Any input on wether to… cnc or mold?



Like injection mold?

more less silicone casting (Smooth-On products) unless anyone has better suggestions?

I dont know, whats wrong with CNC?

Nothing wrong with either i guess. Comes down to personal preference of end user, affordable/available materials, and length of production time.


First half of mold complete. Pouring second half tonight and should have first one out of mold by monday


Made the the mold somewhat modular as in the bottom fits with multiple tops (ie. tooth count, belt width)




Resin has a 2 minute pot life which makes it impossible to run through degassing chamber, pour, and then into pressure chamber.

Polyester, or epoxy should work out better.






I got a few i could toss ya ( you pay shipping ) Never got to test fully as i broke myself on another board. Just started creeping back now that spring is here again and im finally all moved into new location and fully out of last. BUT more importantly been chillin with 7mo old son.

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Sounds great! thanks. Will PM