Wheel pulley in pieces. Pictures! ๐Ÿ˜

Went on my daily commute today and didnโ€™t experience nothing funny, except for this crazy cold wind.

When arriving back home I hear this noise from the wheel and see that the ring of the wheel pulley facing the urethane is bent. I remove the pulley from the wheel and by almost no force at all the ring snaps loose. :cry:

Why does this happen or was I just unfortunate? The pulley was from @Titoxd10001 and looked perfectly fine and well made afai could see.

Will probably try to epoxy the ring back in place unless you guys have better ideas.

This rings are only pressed onโ€ฆ its super easy to remove them with a little plier for exampleโ€ฆ

Mine comes loose also by tighten them down maybe a way too much on some Abec clones

Riding them since ages withoutโ€ฆdont need them because the motorpulley got the side flanges

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Was it bent?

Yup, thatโ€™s what made the noise

Yeah just toss it lol

Ok. Will paint it gold and call it a bracelet then. Wifeys birthday is coming up soon.


Same thing happened to one of my 40t 15mm wide pulleyโ€™s too from the same seller. I reached out for help and got the same answers as above. I threw it in a box with the other new one plus the stuff I bought from johnny261 to go with it and went back to my torque boards 40t 12mm wide dual for now. Perhaps a redesign is in order if the flange isnโ€™t needed and maybe a price drop to reflect one less process.

Happenned to me when a twig got between the belt and the pulley. I simply smacked the ring back on with a hammer as it is a interference fit, added some super glue so it stays put.

mine did this while bashing on it! i just welded it back on!

I was wondering about that too. Any issue since? One of my buddies offered to do that for me as well. I thought it might blow the ring apart.

so the flange popped off. Press on pulley flanges always pop off eventually.

You can still use the pulley though right?

Didnโ€™t know for sure if the ring was maybe there to stabilize/align the pulley to the wheel. Now as my motor broke, the pulley will rest with or without the ring.

Titoxd10001 told me he has been using them for a while without as well as a few others. I like the flange and will look into getting it welded back on and making sure the new one is tacked on too. I went back to dual because my belt was skipping and I like the dual brakes better. Dual 15mm is what I will shoot for now on my second deck.