Wheel pulley prongs too thick :(

I have a abec style wheel pulley but the prongs are too thick for my new wheels. 710x528_19267420_11180630_1536343825

Whats the best way to make them thinner?

Is it a dremel and cutting job or is there a easier more accurate way? Dont fancy spending 30 euros on a pulley


Did you 3D print this?

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no. Thats not even my pulley lol Its just for illustration.

Its a pulley from a drive kit i bought a while back.

dremel might be best, seen someone do it

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dremel or use a file

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Are you using clones are genuine abec wheels

Dremel or even just a big drill works fine. The non- authentic Abec wheels have this problem.

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How would you use a big drill to do this? I dont have a dremel but do have a drill with various bits

This isn’t exactly the proper way, but it works just fine, what I have done is just taken a drill that is slightly larger in diameter than the width of the cutout or about the same size, and then drilled in both sides of the cutout, and, using the edge of the drill bit, just board it out a bit, to make the cut out wider. Basically, like you would with a dremel, but using the edge of the drill bit. The plastic is so soft the drill bit eats through it pretty fast, and it doesn’t hurt the bit.

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I would recommend a dermal or other rototary tool as you will able to make it look better.


Finally did it. A 7 euro square file, 1.5 hours and a high pain threshold in the palm of my hands. Got it pretty perfect. Will go for a ride tomorrow

Thanks guys