Wheel pulley wobble, help?


Ive added my wheel pulley and when i spin the wheel the whole wheel and pulley wobble a little to the left and right. Is this normal? can anyone help me. I have orating kegel wheels

Pics? Sounds like it is not centered correctly. It one bolt is tighter than the other.

Make sure it is as flat as possible. A video would be useful

I’ve made them the same tightness ass possible, i will post a video




It may just be me, but it doesn’t really look like it’s wobbling.

its quite hard to see in the video but its wobbly so slightly, if you look at the wheel its slightly more noticeable. The pulley wobbles the whole wheel

Yeah I see the very slight wobble, but it doesn’t look that bad, I have a slight wobble on my wheel too but it doesn’t effect my performance… But my pulley has a flange…

i feel a bit worried because its wobbling the wheel too and the faster it spins the more noticeable the wobble is

The is a slight one. Measure the distance from the wheel to the outside of the pulley around the whole circumference. Then adjust accordingly.

Is the pulley for kegels? Is it printed?

its for kegel and 3d printed, abs and nylon

what do you mean sorry i don’t understand

It could just be an inconsistency in the print. I am assuming there is no way of moving it?

what do you mean by cant move it?

Measure from the end of the pulley, to the outer diameter wheel – all the way around, if there is one side which is has more “space” than another side/area, then you know that the pulley has an issue and it has to be adjusted.

Unfortunately, this is why people don’t print pulleys, inconsistencies can cause issues in the end, it’s usually less of a hassle to buy one.

i bought this from https://www.facebook.com/ideatb/photos

saw it on a forum and he uses them and they work well, i have two of these and they both wobble a little

It may just be something you have to live with, have you tested it out? Does it get dangerous when at high speed?