Wheel washer replacement?

Hi everyone,

I ordered dual mechanical kits from DIYElectricSkateboards.com, but one of them was missing this piece:

This is for the side of the wheel that holds the bolts in place. Is it hard for me to make one myself, and if not what is it called and where can I order a replacement? I checked enertion and diyelectricskateboards.com but no one seems to sell this piece alone.

Thank you

Not really sure where you could buy one but i think you could manage to make something like that with a fixed drill and some aluminium.

Where you from ?

Bay Area, California

Oh support got back to me, they actually do sell it on the site, it’s just not easy to find without searching. It’s called a “retainer cap.”

why should you buy one? if they shorted you, then they should send you one free.