Wheels and other stuff for sale

Selling a few items to fund my little brothers build for his bday Slick revolution wheels with evolve speed bearings, 40$ image Abec 11 97mm flywheels, [Sold] Leafboard small wheels, was able to put a kegal pulley on, 20$image

What size and duro are the leafboard wheels?

I’ll take the Abecs for $75aud shipped to Sydney Australia 2156


Hardness: 83

Bump 10char

Bump, prices lowered

how much for the 110mm wheels with shipping to Melbourne, Australia?

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Cheapest shipping to Australia in general is 36$ usd, @mynamesmatt was going to buy wheels but the shipping cost broke the deal unfortunately

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Unfortunately the shipping is too high. Shipping prices from AU to US and US to AU is always just ridiculous.

Thanks for getting back to me.

Good luck with the sale.

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Bump, also new kegals for 45$ excluding shipping

Estoy interesado por las ruedas negras de 110mm

Are the leaf board wheels still for sale?

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Yessir, still in same barely used condition

Cool I’d like to buy em

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You have an email or phone I can contact you at?

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Sent you a PM