Wheels for bad sidewalks

I’m soon moving into a house where the roads don’t have bike lanes so I will have to upgrade my board so I can ride on the sidewalks, but they are not well kept and cracked everywhere. I’ve looked into the MBS All-Terrain wheels https://www.mbs.com/parts/13401-mbs-all-terrain-longboard-wheels-black-4 but I was wondering people’s experiences with these and if they will actually do good with the sidewalks or if I should just look into mountain board tires. Thanks everybody and safe riding!

Psycotiller 6 shooters and next thing you will be saying is “what cracks in the sidewalk I don’t feel any?”


Would ask local law enforcement if you are allowed to ride on the sidewalk, by me they don’t want any motorized things even toy vehicles on the sidewalk.

Personally just ride side streets most of the time and not much trouble but I’m in a suburban edging on urban areas so lots of back roads.

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Alright I’ll check those out, I’ve seen that website before most of it was out of my broke college kid budget but sometimes the struggle is worth the nicer equipment.

Alright I’ll check with that cause I was worried about the legality of riding on the side of the road but that makes sense to not ride on sidewalks just cause the speed is so different to people walking or biking. Thanks man!

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pneumies or abec 107s

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I’m looking into these from Trampa https://www.trampaboards.com/8-inch-wheel--black-gloss-hypa-hub-with-blue-alpha-8-inch-tyre-p-572.html they seem high quality and the price isn’t too bad

go with superstar hubs if your going with chain drive idk what the situation with pulley availability for hypa hubs

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Hybrid size wheels also work ok if u dont want to go “all in” with pneumatics… or check maybr trampa gummies.

Similar tires / wheels to what i had / have can be found on aliexpress. Search L-Faster shop.


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Sorry I’m still kinda new to this world, when you say pulley, are you referring to the gear attached to the wheel or the gear that is on the motor shaft. I found both of them on Trampa’s website in stock https://www.trampaboards.com/15-tooth-x-15mm-wide-motor-pulley-with-5mm-deep-teeth-high-torque-drive-htd-fits-8mm-motor-axles-p-12857.html

Really? Just ride on the street.

Will the gummies be able to handle sidewalk cracks? it seems like the pneumatics might be worth eating ramen for a few weeks if I don’t have to feel my bones shake every time I ride

Yeh… vibration absorbing wise pneumatics will be better… with bigger size it just would be easier to roll over cracks .

If u go for ride comfort then get air filled tires, thats for sure

It’s only a two lane road so anytime someone has to go around me they would go into oncoming traffic and the speed limit is 45 so I just don’t feel that safe on it.

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Alright thank you, I’m looking into the 8" HYPA’s right now, would you recommend anything else over these? They seemed to be the best bang for buck from my short time searching through their website but I don’t have that much experience with these

Yes the pulley that screws on the wheel

Yeh 8inch is good. Just decide what thread to choose. More ply is better

Get the urban threads with superstar hubs, you won’t need anything else ever