Wheels from eskating.eu or other options in EU

Does anyone can tell anything about this. https://eskating.eu/product/new-73a-duro-electric-skateboard-wheels-90-97mm-black/ they are 73A so maybe not so bad as clones? Maybe some source of flywheels in decent prices in EU? So far I found only MBS wheels that are not over priced. Are they ok or simolar to clones?

I second this. Decent set of normally priced wheels is really hard to get in EU. eskating.eu prices are really pumped (for clones).

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Those are just standard chinese flywheels, can be bought for 20 bucks on most other websites.

But for wheels i just buy from a skate shop, they have most of the wheels out there for decent prices.

Where? Widely avaiable are Kegels but they are to hard and to small. I know that I can buy clones cheap but never saw any in 73A. Question is are they soft or it’s just a number that got nothing to do with reality. If you have some links please share.

Where you based? I Use kegels and i dont think they are hard at all.

I like Eu Skating … ordered severel times great customer service fast shipping

i have the 90 and 97mm clones from them running them on friends boards all long since summer without problems

of course you know the genius flywheels are nicer, but that has nothing to do with the shop itself

greets to Italy


I have also ordered from Eskating.eu and they are great. Nice personal touch and a guy you can whatsapp when you need.

We do need wheel options in the Europe. Is it right that superflys should be 180 euros!? :scream:

I have also ordered from them. Had a similar stellar experience, it is a really good shop for EU peeps. I just cannot get over 70€ price for the clones :slight_smile:

20€ more and you have original abec 11, the real deal. www.sickboards.nl/en/downhill-wheels/34-abec11-flywheels-83-mm-wheels.html

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I found orange Kegels for 59euro in my home country Poland but I don’t want them. The core is great but they are not what I’m looking for. I also found https://www.atbshop.co.uk/longboard-wheels/mbs-all-terrain-longboard-wheels-green abd so far I think it’s the best option.

i have those mbs they are amazing.

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That is a reasonable price!

No idea if those wheels are good or not though


They are 90e so 30 more ;)This would be minimum https://www.sickboards.nl/en/wheels/393-abec11-flywheels-90-mm-wheels.html but this price. For that I would go with 90mm Ollin wheels.

Here are some but small https://www.skates.co.uk/abec-11-flywheels-76mm-longboard-wheels-x4.html but they had those https://www.skates.co.uk/abec-11-flywheels-90mm-wheels-x4.html and that would be ok price I would go with.

Oh great. You can campare it to Kegels? Can you feel some vibrations because the way they are build?

Havent used them for electric boards yet only normal, no vibrations on any i prefer my kegels over the mbs but they are nice i would take them over abec wheels any day.

Would recommend sickboards. Got my 97mm’s there. Genuine.

Hi guys, thanks for the nice words and thoughts.

Just to be more clear, even if my wheels are clones, I always choose the highest rebound, and this time I got the softer 73a (it’s a new batch of 2018). Higher quality cost more as you all know, the eBay clones are not like mine.

I’ve adjusted a bit those prices too. 54.99-59.99.

Thanks again, it’s very important for me to read your opinions about Eskating :ok_hand:


@fottaz can you campare them to MBS wheels?