Wheels, motor/wheel pulleys, Evolve AT tires, remote, 6374 Tb motor, and other items

Got a few items for sale. All buyers must pay shipping and any paypal fee’s if not sent friends and family.

What I have for sale and will upload more pictures once I get home

**** 1 SOLD**** 1 left TB 36/16t 12mm pulley kit $25 each (with belts)

Ebay China 36/15t 15mm pulley kit $20 each ( motor pulleys are Aluminium ) the mbs wheel in the picture has the 15mm pulley installed. (Brand new)

12mm 18t pulley brand new from torque board $10

Two steel 15mm 15t pulleys

97mm abec clones wheels $25 (new)

90mm abec clones yellow $20 (used)

83mm evolve wheels $30 like new

7in evolve puenamtic tires with inner tubes $100 (like new) I only use the 8in

Torqueboard nano remote with receiver $30 can include male to male cord as well

Xt60 series bullet connectors (2) $15 each with a pack of xt60 connectors image SOLD*. 6374 Torqueboard motor. Only 70 days old and started grinding. It is fixable but I already ordered a replacement so I figured I’d sell this to someone who can fix it. The motor works but has a loose magnet that causes it to grind. $ negotiate $$

Where did you buy this from?

Looks like a steel flanged aluminum pulley, but what do I know…

I honestly don’t remember but it was from a timing belt website

Id like to buy both pulley kits and the remote with receiver

Where are you from?


Orlando Fl. The 15mm or 12mm pulley kits. And pm me so I know what all you want and what belt sizes because I have 255, 265, and 280mm sets in 15mm and 12mm

For how much do you sell those sort of all terrain abec wheels? I couldn’t find the pricing

I’ll buy both wheel pulley kits or I need one if @Latemate doesn’t need both?

How much for the 2 motor pulleys shipped to Baltimore, MD?

Does the pnuematics come with the hubs? Whats the price for the 15t motor pulleys?

Im talking with @Latemate right now because it will be pretty pricey to ship them but Im waiting on his reply. He is only interested in the 36t/16t 12mm pulley kits from TB.

I can lock you in for the 36t/15t 15mm pulley kits and if he doesn’t grab the 12’s then they’re yours.

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I did USPS to calculate from 32828 to Boston area (02111) came out to $7 plus $3 envelope. Shipped to you for $25 let me know.

No hubs because I’m using the hubs on my BGT. 15t pulleys for $15, they’re brand new and are heavy duty pulleys.

Im not really selling my black MBS 100mm wheels but if you wanted them I’d say $60 plus shipping because they’re barely used. I wanted to wear them in for the shaved grippy look/feel they get.

Give you 50 bucks for the motor. Is it a 190kv? If so that’s good

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Yes it’s 190kv. $50 and you pay shipping sounds good to me

I’ll take the 83mm and the MBs wheels

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Oh nevermind! I thought they were for sale haha, btw dope youtube channel you have!!

I can do both those sets for $85 plus shipping so let me know.

I appreciate it man. I actually have a few more videos that I’m about to upload :call_me_hand:t3::call_me_hand:t3: Stay shredding brother!