Wheels, pulleys and ratios

Hi everyone,

I’ve got some Orangatang Kegel wheels and my belt seems a little to close to the ground. There’s about 10mm of wheel between the belt and the floor. Is that normal?

I’m running a 15x36t ratio if that makes any difference.

Also, on a side note, does anyone know of a supplier that can make metal wheel pulleys for the kegel? My nylon pulley is starting to wear massively :thinking:

36T is pretty standard for Kegels I think.

I have 1 but only 1

Only need 1. Is it 15mm wide?

12mm :tired_face:


Where did you get it from?

I made it myself :joy:

@Kug3lis makes some but they come in sets of two I am pretty sure

Make a bigger one for me? :laughing:

Talk to me @Kug3lis, talk to me.

Oh his pulleys only work on trucks with longer axles - so no compatibility with caliber trucks unless if you chop a bit of the hanger


I’m happy to do a little bit of modifying if it will fit the trucks.