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Hi there guys finally have the majority of things needed to complete my first build! motor pulley installed, wheel pulley installed and motors all fitted. However, i am having issues with the spacers i have and how close the wheel pulley is coming to the trucks. Im using eskating.eu pro wheels with abec 9 vital bearings on TB 218mm trucks. bearings fit fine however the spacer moves side to side of the inner wheel wall and is almost too much of a perfect fit in height in terms of only just touching the bearings! therefore only sits still when actually installed on trucks. When tightened down fully wheel does not spin freely. Any ideas guys ? spacers too small ? or ?

second question - when installing front wheels will they naturally sit closer as they wont have pulleys or is there a fix for this so they are the same width as the rear ? more washers/spacers ? sorry for the long post guys im in uni so i have a lot on my plate and this is too much for my brain atm! haha thanks in advance ladies and gentlemen!

Hey, don’t take this the wrong way but can you look over your post again, because i have a hard time following what you are even describing.

sorry man! ill add some pictures now to give a bit of context! its quite hard to describe! haha my bad


That’s normal… they will be clamped when montes. Everything fine.

totally normal, that spacer will be in position once the wheel is on the axle.

ahh i see! so no need for a super snug fit before hand ? perfect! cheers guys! sorry how Iong winded that was for such a small thing! much appreciated!

Do not overtight the nut, its normal if the wheels can not spin freely when its overtight. Tight them until the wheels not moving left-right on the axle but still spin freely. For the second question, spacer and washer will do. You also can make the threads longer with tap and die, but that another works to do.

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that shouldnt happen. the nut compresses the two bearings together on their inner ring, which has no impact on its ability to free roll, unless you didnt use spacers.

I also have similiar problem when its overtight (using spacer in between), just loosen em a bit.

did you use the 1mm spacer on each side also? because i can tighten as much as i want they still spinn.

I use caleber precision bearing 1.5mm both side, and caliber precision spacer in between (with bones bearings). I was thinking that the bearing sit on the core maybe caused that, not sure. But if i loosen em a bit the problem goes away.

weird. i just tested it out and put all my weight behind tightening my nut and it was still spinning without an issue.

Hey @Ashley_Beaum1994, was wondering how the eskating PRO wheels are holding up for you? Any chipping, any thinning down? They’re on sale at the moment, so wanted to know people’s opinion of them after some use.