When I squeze the trigger the motor wont turn!

Hello Everyone! I have the Quanum pistol grip remote/ receiver and when I pull the trigger, nothing happens. I am using DIY Electric’s VESC and I have checked all the settings and nothing seems to be wrong. The radio/receiver are connected properly but the motor won’t turn. The motor works (I have seen it using the arrow keys) but the throttle does not work.

Please help me! :cold_sweat: It is for a school project! :snowboarder:

Just a quick update, I have torn apart my remote as someone did in this linked thread but everything seems fine :cry: Please help :fearful:

Link to thread: https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/motor-wont-turn-when-i-turn-on-remote/6946

Check on your ppm tab watt control (or current control) is enabled. Also be sure to check ppm pulsewidth settings.
See here…

So I did what the instructions told me but when I pulled the trigger to test stuff, nothing happens?

Okay, I did some further testing and I got scarry, almost expensive results… When I press the “CH3” button on the side of the remote, the motor jumps and spins the wrong part of the motor.

Another thing was that I received diferent readings between channel 3 and 2/1 3 - about 1.4MS 2/1 - about 50.3MS

I nearly just broke everything so I REALY need some help :scream::scream::scream::scream:

Sounds like you have the wrong channel from the RX to the VESC, trying connecting the VESC to ch3.

I did and it didn’t work. I did find the instruction manual:

So, when I press the alleged “start button” on channel 3, the entire thing flips and twists and I am scared to re-assemble my rig.

I am 14 and I’m lost!!!

On ppm tab make sure it’s “disabled” for now and write configuration. Your servo wire should be on channel 2, is that what you had it at originally?

no it was on 3

Change it to channel two. You should be on “disabled” and write configuration so nothing spins up.

Okay, now what? should I attempt to use the motor?

No. When display box is checked. Is the green bar in the center 50%

It fluctuates at 53/54

That’s a good sign better than it was before. You can set it so it’s exactly 50% on throttle trim later and change failsafe later also.

Now with “disabled” mode. You can pull throttle and it should be close to or exactly 100% at max. Motor should not spin at the moment. Test it like that

it goes up to 100 and down to 14 and sometimes 13

As long as you hold it, it stays at a hundred right? Do the same for brake/reverse to see that you get 0%.

full throttle is 100, full brake is 14 and maybe 13, rest is 53/54 how can I adjust my settings?

To change the center you can change your throttle trim on your remote. To get 0% you change the minimum pulsewidth. If you change one thing the other changes. If you download @ackmaniac firmware you can change the center pulsewidth. You want the values to be as close to 0% 50% 100% as possible, but the most important you want it to be 50% when you turn off control.

Test to see what the value is when you turn off control