Where can I buy complete battery packs in the UK?

I don’t have a spot welder or the experience to make a pack, but I want to change my 10S5P Pack from diyeboards with poor quality cells into a 10s5p/10s6p 30Q or Sanyo pack. I may end up also needing a new enclosure for this, but would really rather not drill new holes into my evo.

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

I think alien power systems sell battery packs. Just check there website


Looks like they sell lipos and they’re a bit overpriced. I’ve seen 12S4P 30Q Used Lion packs sell for less than their Lipos, dispite the large disparities in the possible number of cycles on the packs. I could also most likely make a pack like that myself, considering its usually a little-no solider experience with just attaching a BMS

Yeah you right. They just have lipos. Thought they make LiIon packs too. Remember one guy was speaking about it… So than just ignore my answer :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

the li-ion packs are called ‘Alien Power Pack’ on the APS website:


I brought a 8S4P from APS a while back and it was a good battery pack.

@Acido is making custom packs for EU people I think.

Thanks for the @, what kind of a pack do you need?

I have a psychothillers arc v2 brand new in europe. Can actually have it in uk next weeks sunday, and shipped from there to you in the next couple of days.

I can make also packs, What do you want? I can deliver you a 10s4p pack with 80A BMS with e-switch in 2days :slight_smile: check: www.instagram.com/electricpacks

I don’t think that would fit an evo very well

Quite correct its made for the hummie deck which has a cut out and is too shallow for an evo let alone the wrong shape. If you want an evo enclosure

there can be only one image


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if I was buying a pack I’d speak to @Acido

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No one? Really?


Super overpriced compared to the others suggested!

@bigben makes a killer Evo enclosure and he’s based in the UK. Something to consider.

Here is the evo enclosure. Fits a 10s5p with big bms. 25mm depth.

Hi, new to DIY, have ordered a Focbox Unity and a Loaded Vanguard, could you price a 10s4p with 80A BMS, deliver to London? What dimensions?


Hey, he can do one shipped to us for about £313, which is a good deal IMO. I will probably be purchasing and if you’re looking for a pack you might want to too!

Sounds good to me, that’s what I was budgeting