Where can I find the Vesc 2.18 firmware?

I am looking for the vesc 2.18 firmware and this is the only link I can find: http://vesc.net.au/ which looks like it’s currently down. Is there anywhere else I can find it?

Do you already have BLDC tool? If so it should come with a folder with the default firmware.

I have the mac version. If there is one I can’t find it. It doesn’t come up when I click choose on the firmware tab

It should be in your documents folder I believe. Search your hard drive for “firmwares”

Just did the search, it didn’t find anything

PM me and give me your email address and I will try to attach the firmware file to an email and send it to you

VESC_default.bin is the file correct? the one I have is dated 8/14/2016 That is after the ramp step bug fix correct?

I have the same one and I don’t have the bug so yea should be right.

Here you go bro



Thanks @Namasaki and @Jinra!

Hi Jinra I am having the same problem as ndwallick had. i already downloaded the firmwares you sended. I was wondering which firmware of all should i select for the HW 4.12. thank you

Thank you, i did. but said it is an old firmware. it recomends me the 2.52 firmware which i cant find. or i guess the other option would be to change of bldc tool? correct?

The firmware in the pic is for the old bldc tool. If you downloaded the new Vesc tool, it should be packaged with firmware files.