Where can i get Pulleys and Drive Hubs in [GER]

I am searching for a source to buy Pulleys Belts e.g. In Germany. I hope someone can help me :slight_smile:

That’s what I need…:

Also, do you think it’s a good setup? With VESC SK3 6374 149kv?


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Get 83mm wheels at least


dort bekommst du alles die beraten dich auch gut und schnell per email

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Thanks to you two ;)… Is it really so bad with lower ones?

And thanks for the link!

Located in Germany too. I buy most stuff from mädler.de. But only Rawmaterial, you have to do some machining.

Have an look by Trampa, they have really nice wheel/mutorpulleys for 15mm Belts. Fits to their Carver Wheels 83mm…

Güße aus dem Ruhrpott

Cheers Jenso

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i’m not sure where they are exactly, but when I ordered from bnb(in the us) belts were from “optibelt omega” made in germany. the quality is very good.

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Optibelt Omega is nice, if they dont hold up you can choose Omega HP, they are about double that strong. But also double the price (-;

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