Where can I order small circular rubber covers for a charging port?


Roughly 1/2”

Just want to keep the dust out while riding

If thats a GX12 jack, just search ebay for GX12 dust cover :slight_smile: Another alternative would be 3d printing one in TPU or another flex filament

If it’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing


here the link: just scroll down

Inline Charger Port Cover $1.99 buy https://electricscooterparts.com/batterychargerconnectors.html

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Thanks guys, found a gx12 dust cover 10 pack from China for $1.89. Cheaper then buying singles from the UK

@Taliesin Got a link for that?



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Sorry to hijack but I’ve also been trying to find one for a 5.5mm x 2.1mm charge port.

ebay searches turn up nothing but maybe I’m using the wrong search terms. any help greatly appreciated, would feel better if my charge port wasnt exposed all the time

I just simply 3d print one in TPU… works perfect…

got link to files?

cant find one on thingiverse

No… I just did my own in fusion360, it`s a very simple task. To big for you though … IMG_20180915_164357