Where do i put my batterys?

A good day everyone. I’m new here and just finish the pretty fun starting tutorial, and I hope I put it in the right category. Like a lot of people here I’m also planning to build my first E-board. So is spend the last few weeks reading a lot of information, manly on this forum, compering parts and making a part list so I can order everything.

The list I have so far exist of:


  • Radio


  • Board


  • 10s 36V BMS 40A
  • 5S balance expansion cable
  • Xt90 no-spark
  • Xt60
  • Bullet connector

I was planning of using a 10S2P 10.000Mah LIPO battery.

And this is where my questions begins:

I can choose to buy 4X 5S1P 5000MAH

or 20X 1s1p 5000Mah battery and make the battery pack my self.

I have quite a lot of soldering experience so that would not be a problem. The big packs just saves me a lot of time soldering. Also I am finding out a way to mount the battery’s under the board. I was first planning to make it a little bit like this:

But my board has a lot more flex than I hoped. And I don’t want to stress my battery’s. So I draw a few different configurations.

^Loose 1s battery’s stacked in 3 pairs^

^^Big 5s battery’s^^ ^^Battery’s all after each other. Wil be covert with a rubber sheet.^^

So I wondered what the people with a lot more experience and knowledge about this subject are thinking about my ideas. And if you see something in my list that doesn’t fit or will work well I would like to hear that to.

Thank you, Greetings Sander

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Where and how to mount the batteries depends on the deck you are going to use. For a Loaded Vanguard (Boosted) deck option 1 and 2 are the way to go. If the deck is stiff then option 3.

If you going to assemble a Lipo pack out of single cells, make sure that you have the right tools available. As far I remember (this could be wrong) it is tricky to solder them together.

The board that is was planning to use had a lot more flex than I hoped. That’s why I had to re think the battery placement. I think I’m going to buy the big pre-build 5S packs. If I want I can always dissect the packs.

What do you guys think about the rest of the list?

Parts look ok, i would probably choose bigger wheels but if streets are smooth i suppose 83mm is fine

you probably don’t want to use that drive kit, it runs on a 3m belt. Also, what motor mount are you considering?

checkout build logs for people with trampa mtb decks, with segmented enclosure.

Like @faithfulpuppy said that drive kit is only 3m and trust me it will be annoying I bought a very similar kit and it is really annoying because that belt slips a lot. Also you will have to redrill holes so that it will mount to the wheels. Lastly I also suggest larger wheels unless it is nice and smooth where you live. I have 83mm wheels and the roads make my feet numb. Go for 90mm or even 97mm

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I live in the Netherlands and the roads here are normally pretty smooth. And because I already ordered this wheels I’m just gone try it anyway. The same case with the pully kit. If it does not work I can always buy a other one.

I was looking at this motor mount for the time being. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Electric-Longboard-Skateboard-Motor-Mount-for-5065-5055-6374-6364-Motor-New-/252797338872?hash=item3adbe544f8:g:8C8AAOSwuxFYyPia It doesn’t look that sturdy on the pictures so when I find the time and I know my exact dimensions I plasma cut a mount out of a 5mm thick steel plate.

I am gone look “trampa mtb decks” up, thank you for the tip.

Thank you all for all of you’re great responses.

No worries, when you get that mount swap out the grub screws for bolts and drill holes into the trucks for the bolts to slot into, that’s what I did and locktited it in place and it is super solid

those mounts work really well if you drill holes into your truck for them to lock into. Just make sure you’re using a 50mm motor because that mount doesn’t accommodate 63mm motors

The article description says it is also for 63mm motor, or is that a fault in the article?

that’s a fault. i have this motor mount and the holes for the motor to screw in to are correctly spaced for a 50mm motor.