Where do you ride?

Saw the thread about how often you ride and it made me realize how different esk8 is for everyone (commute, Rec, hybrid, full blown meth-level addiction, etc) sooooo

Where do you ride? 20181220_083559 Yellow = golf course cart paths Green = off-road woods path Blue = retirement community with some epic views. The old folk love my board. Red = Neighborhood bar/restaurant and pools. I love being able to skate and pick up a pizza (get the ninja turtle image outta your head) or grab a beer or 7. White route is beer/pizza run Orange route is my hybrid route. A blend of a scenic route around lake, through county park, through golf courses, a bit of woods, and some solid new asphalt. Also conveniently passes bar. Show me your favorite routes and come join me sometime now that you know where I live :cowboy_hat_face:



I mainly ride around my neighborhood. I can’t really travel much with the electric skateboard because everything is so far away and there are no friendly bike paths. There are dedicated trails and the city that I can go to, but they take a little more effort to get there (finding time, getting into my car, driving there, and finding a place to park). One day I will make it out there =)


8.5mile run, running errands, lunch, groceries last saturday.


usually 1.5 mile dog run every day.

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Tons of bike paths around here… I mostly stick to the bike paths and sidewalks, occasionally shooting out into the roads (35-45mph speed limit) to ride fast in the bike Lanes. Other than that, wherever the CO group rides take me.

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