Where should I get a HM-10 bluetooth module?

Also @Acido not sure if he still has some in stock

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@JLabs will have new stock any day now @psychotiller has them in stock just send him a PM @thisguyhere has some as well just send him a PM

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Yah just bout one from @thisguyhere

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Thank’s everyone. :smiley:

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Would the hm 10 work with the Android Oxygen OS?

it should work. But you’ll need to reflash with original firmware to make it work since most modules are clones

Is re-flashing pretty straight forward? I’m new to this lol thanks for the help!

Depends on the clone. Some will work directly. Other needs to be fash it. You find induction on Arduino forum or on YouTube. Attach on this forum and you find the links I posted :wink:

It’s fairly easy. You’ll need an Arduino. The hard part is to connect the Arduino to the pins of the chip on the HM10. People usually solder then later remove it. I didn’t and just straight up hold the wires against the pins lol, not recommended since you have to hold your hands steady

Maybe use small IC Clips?