Where to buy 10mm bearings

Hello everyone,

I will be needing some 10mm bearings for my build and for some reason I am having trouble finding any at a reasonable price. I will also be needing 10mm spacers too. I found some fancy ceramic bearings on amazon but there almost $100, way to much for me. Anyone know any websites that have good quality 10mm bearings without the big price tag?


Mountainboards often use 10mm bearings. Take a look at Trampas Website :+1:

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VXB is my go-to for bearings


I swear by Tekton bearings, saves using speedrings and spacers and very easy cleaning!

Standard and Ceramic

You can get ceramic bearings for less than $100. The common material for ceramic bearings is silicon nitride. Don’t fall for “skate rated” or marketing terms to bearings. The highest tolerance for bearings is ABEC 7.

Try acerracing.com