Where to buy 18650 12s4p battery pack?

18650 12s4p battery pack, prebuilt with BMS, does it exist somewhere for purchase? I have been looking around, DIY sells a 12s3p i believe, space cell pro 4 is 10s4p if i remember correctly.

I know a guy who knows a guy named @longhairedboy

shhhh. don’t tell anyone

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I think this is a job for the legendary @longhairedboy He’ll use quality cells, BMS and wires and he has all the tools to do it. I might start making some once my spot welder is finished.

im considering starting to sell custom batteries for cost plus 20% (for labor) i have my spot welder just need some practice with BMS. ive built many batteries using lipo and Lion without BMS

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Actually I am going to need 12s4p w/BMS, any response from LHB?

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There seems to be a lot of interest in these. Let me figure out some pricing and packages and i’ll post a thread in the market.

i’m thinking packs with just generic 12S balance leads and packs with BMS and Charger might be the options.

I use ebike 4Amp chargers and i usually get my BMSs and chargers from batterysupports.com in case anyone was wondering.


@Rob.Endless That’s a serious pack! Looking forward to seeing what you end up with!

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There we go

I have the carbon GT on its way but my plan for my 2nd board is dual hubs. I’m already looking at full face helmets lol, i do not want to mess up me face haha. If i do, i cant hollar at any girls at the clubs and raves i go to haha.