Where to buy 9mm belt 265

Anyone know where to buy 9mm belts 265? I tried dyi but they only have 12mm with 265.

depends if you are stateside or international, but i usually get mine from Polybelt - really fast and pretty inexpensive! (in the US)

vbeltsupply was another some recommended and i got them even cheaper, but a bit slower shipping. They had a lot more widths available besides just 9 and 15mm wide.


I have all 255m and 265m belts in 9, 12, and 15mm widths in stock and ready to ship.

PM me for $5 off of shipping as it does not calculate correctly

I have a bunch of 265 9mm belts. How many do you need and where are you located?

i need 4 . Los Angeles, CA @Namasaki

sorry to hijack this thread but for europe are any good shops for belts 9 12 mm ?

I use vbeltsupply

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