Where to buy ABEC11 Electric Flywheel 107mm

I checked everywhere and cant find anybody that has them in stock. Does anyone know where i can buy them in USA?

@caustin where did you get yours from? can I buy them if your not using them?

They come in and out of stock, so I had set alerts. Also got a used set on ebay awhile back, but using them currently. Did you check with Abec directly, their direct sales arm seems to have the 74a version in stock (which I prefer), but probably have to call them quick to verify http://www.sk8trip.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=S&Product_Code=FW10774Set&Category_Code=W_abec11

Ebay has them from a few shops, worth pinging these guys


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thanks man. will look into those

https://www.sickboards.nl have the 77a in stock

74a duro 184,95 €

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And those are brand new offset SuperFly ones as well. Should fit existing pulleys with ease. Price on the other hand… :slight_smile: