Where to buy high amp bms/ other solutions

I’m hoping to build a 12s3p battery pack for a bottom mounted enclosure. I found some 26650 cells with a capacity of 4300mah and a discharge rate of 31amps continous and 50amps peak. With this battery configuration I’m assuming I need a bms with a 200amp capacity but can’t find one for a Li-ion battery. Does anyone know where to buy a bms in those parameters?

What you need to go to the moon and back and still be at90%?

You got something wrong dude, read a little more

Damn its too late, another post missunderstood lol

So basically if your battery can discharge 50A you need a 50A bms that works on the same voltage as the battery

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If you are intent on using those cells then charge only. A 200 amp bms will be the size of a small planet. My 100 amp bestech already takes up more room than a pair of focboxes. Go charge only with a flier 300 amp antispark as they are the only one as far as I am aware that don’t spontaneously combust.


Oooohhkay, I was clearly a bit confused. Thank you for setting me straight guys. Much appreciated.