Where to buy kapton tape, PVC shrink and other battery supplies in bulk

Hey guys I was wondering if anyone had a recommendation on where to buy kapton (yellow heat resistant tape), 18650 cell holders, battery stickers (for short protection), nickel strip etc… All the supplies needed to build battery packs in bulk?

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@radium I’d like to know this as well. I buy all of those things on ebay and I’m not sure I’m getting consistent quality (and def not the best prices). Of all of these, pure nickel strip was the toughest to find. Lots of nickel plated steel sold (which is still usable, just not optimal).

Do you have a recommendation on an ebay seller for a nickel strip?

@chsknight I got mine from a seller named “shastadeals” but YMMV, I’m not confident that you’d get the exact same product with a new order. I’d suggest ordering it with caution and testing it when you receive it.

Everything I needed for my build (18650 cell holders, nickel strip, and a bunch of other things) I got on ebay as well…I got decent quality, but definitely YMMV. Unfortunately I can’t really give links because I ordered them almost a year ago and so all the links in my purchase history are dead/gone.