Where to buy lithium ion battery labels/stickers

bad idea. :slight_smile: will ship ahead of time

I thought 99wh was the limit

It is. I have a koowheel with a 198wh battery. I want to take that sticker off and put a 99wh sticker on it but I cant find them anywhere :frowning:

Try searching the forum, I’m sure someone made some stickers in photoshop a little while ago and posted them up here

I’d advise against that man

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I’m not sure about the legality of this. If caught this might be a huge problem. I guess a TSA agent who doesn’t understand batteries will go by the label, but the sheer size of the Koowheel battery will bring suspicion

just make a legal pack man its not hard

Would you be happy putting your own family on a plane containing a homemade lithium battery not made by yourself. I wouldn’t. These rules are there for a reason.


This! I have 400 miles on a 432Wh pack that I built. Would i ever take it on an airplane? No.

Rules are made for a reason. A very good reason.

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sounds terroristy. is you terrorist.


well. I guess this is a bad idea. i will ship it ahead of time then. thanks.

Do you know the reason behind these rules? Do you know people used to have absolutely no issues taking these packs on planes not even just a few years ago.

I can go out and buy a cheap 100Wh hobby lipo and take it on a plane no problem which is thousands of times more dangerous than a well built, disconnected 18650 pack.

Only way these cells should fail on a plane is by physical damage and bad build quality. And even then take a look at a Samsung 30Q spec sheet. They typically don’t thermally run away even when crushed or punctured.

Meanwhile I just flew with a 98Wh laptop battery that has a failed cell, that stops me from even being able to click the mouse.

Yes these rules where made for a reason and the only reason where those shitty Chinese hover boards and Samsung phones going up. It was never an issue before.

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Yeah I’ve flown with over 200wh worth of LiPos before and these where puffy crap lipo prismatic cells. TSA didn’t bat an eye at them went through the X-ray fine and even if they saw them just tell em there less than 99wh and there for an RC car or some shit.

is that the dell xps 15 battery??? lol i had the same issue

MSI stealth gaming laptop. It’s designed to be an ultra thin gaming laptop which isn’t exactly great for expanding lipo’s. I was lucky it was only the one or I’m sure there’d be some damage.

It was like 5 years old though and was mining crypto for over a year so I’m not exactly surprised lol.

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ahh, i replaced mine and then shot the old one with an airsoft gun :rofl:

Haha I didn’t even bother even when the battery was new I was lucky to get 2 hours before it died and like 30 minutes while gaming.

Been wondering what to do with the battery and I think we have a winner. Tho I think I might go for some more stopping power :stuck_out_tongue:

haha being a canadian student who lives near the city really has it’s downsides when it comes to the practicality of gun ownership :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: