Where to buy Randal 35deg baseplate (Aus)

Okay so the one store that had the Randal 35degree base plate in stock is now out of stock and I wanted to buy it this week. Tried buying from Randal directly but they won’t ship down under. WHERE TO BUY

Okay I was wrong they do, but it’s gonna cost me $70 in total which is crazy

damn global trade war *shakes fist at sky haha

to support The Cause, I have a new 35 and I can ship one to you, bud.

if helpful, just lmk via PM and it’s yours at replacement cost + shipping.

@kalebludlow Well that just saved me a shitload of wasted time searching all the aus board shops. Disappointing though. Did you try everywhere?

Yeah last time I checked all the stores (maybe a month ago) they were all sold out and had been for quite some time

This place is showing them but good luck adding to cart. Unless I’m just being thick. http://www.go4sports.com.au/content/42_General.aspx?page=271&productID=7357&categoryID=449

No its not just you, I couldnt for the life of me figure out where the fuck the button is so I gave up. Site looks like dodgy anyway

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