Where to find a 12S UBEV to 12V

Like the title says, where could I find a suitable 12S voltage regulator/buck converter/UBEC that steps down the voltage to 12V? The reason I need it is because of a 12V DC to AC inverter for EL-wire. I can’t find any rated for such a high voltage, all i find is 40V max input.

I’ve used this for cooling fans and leds:

Haven’t exploded on 12s

Be sure the buck converter you are going to buy is rated for the amount of current you want to draw from it. The suggested one by @vap is capable of 3A, but i would not draw more than 2A continous if i were you. If you need more then buy a bigger one.

I’m using one of these in my current build :slight_smile:

Right, at 12V i wouldn’t recommend more than 1A on LM2576. Still enough for couple of leds.

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I’ve cooked a couple of these when running 12v LED lights off of them for extended periods of time such as for bright underlighting. They get really hot.

Seems a little too small to handle the job I want to do. It probably works great for smaller applications though.

That’s some good current capabilities but the highest output voltage is only 9V. :frowning:

@longhairedboy That should work, thanks!