Where to get 18650 (25R HG2/3 etc.) in [GERMANY]

I am searching for a good source to get 18650 cells for a low price in Germany. I only found “akkuteile.de”…

Maybe someone of you know a good/better/cheaper shop? Or have some at home to sell for a 10s3p setup


theirs not in Germany but nkon.nl ships to all of the EU and is apparently pretty quick


Nkon is the cheapest and most reliable in EU. Ian also located in Germany and will order mine from there.(25inr)


Sounds good I registered this moment. Do you think 10s3p Is enough for a good range?

Depends on what cells you get(capacity?)

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2500mah r25 so it would be 7.5ah at 30pcs and 10ah at 40 ps (10s4p)

And do you know if this will be the end price? Or will I get more taxes on it?

Sry… And why is the subtotal and grand total the same…?

Tank you

It’ll be 120€ + Shipping for 40pcs. I’d go for 10s4p since you get the 40pcs discount. :slight_smile: Lemme know how it works out. I’ll go for the same 10s4p setup.

No taxes since its inside EU.

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This sounds really really good :sunglasses: I will do an build thread when I am finished with buying everything. First I will use Lipo battery to test. But it’s very cheap now I think and I think I will order after Christmas.

Maybe you can check my other thread? :wink:

10s4p is good for range and all, it will give you 80A constant discharge which will help with voltage sag

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