Where to place antispark switch from the DIYeboard 10s5p battery connected to two VESCs in parallel?


As you can see in the diagram, the switch provided by diyeboard connects directly to their ESC. This, however, is a problem as I am running to VESCs connected in parallel which means only one of the VESCs will have the switch connected to it. Firstly, will this be a problem and if so how where can I cut and place the switch to act as antispark switch for both VESCs?

I think that diagram is ok, The anti spark is for both vesc, Wiring goes likes this Battery output - anti spark - output to parallel vesc…

im not sure i understand the issue - if the switch connects to the battery then it should turn the battery on and off, right?

The diagram is one option. At the moment the switch does not connect to the battery.

place the switch between the xt90s on the battery and the parallel connector to the vescs


Its a 4pin switch as shown so where should the connections be?

wait, is it just a little pushbutton switch or is this an antispark switch that is actuated by a pushbutton?

The switch is part of the package from DIYeboard 10s5p battery. I asked if it was an antispark switch and customer service said it was. However, I am still unsure.

could you please post a link to the battery kit you’re referring to?


just that switch on its own is not antispark, it has to connect to some other kind of switch (built into the ESC for DIYeboards) to be able to actually handle the power of an eboard. Sorry :frowning:

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Okay cheers I’ll probably do an antispark switch MOD in that case, thanks anyway.


connect like this diagram .https://flipsky.net/collections/accessories/products/anti-spark-switch


Cheers, this is what I am currently going to use as my antispark. Thanks for the clear diagram! :+1:

What would be the advantage of choosing the additional 40A car fuse? My battery is outputting 50A so I think I should leave this out.

The fuse protects the skateboard when a short circuit occurs. There will be very few short circuits, so I think you can get rid of it.

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How does this antispark switch compare to the pricier TB anti spark switch? Not sure which would be better between the two. I’m planning on running a 10s5p 30q wirh a 10s bestech bms but no clear choice yet for a anti spark switch.

I don’t have a deep research on the TB anti spark switch, but I believe that TB’s products are also trustworthy.

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Thanks! I’ll definitely consider the TB anti-spark switch. Only thing that may be abit finniky is the TB mounts but otherwise everything else appears to work quite well.