Which battery BMS for 12s3p or 12s4p

New to Skateboards but i been Doing Rc Cars and Drones for years …now I’m building a board with a dual 6374 setup and looking for speed and power to pull my 215lbs around …i am about to attempt to build a battery can anyone tell me which bms i might want to use such as Amperage 60 or 80 …thanks for any input

Depends what cells you use

i am going to use a high drain 30 amp 18650 of some kind i am assuming …while we are at it may as well tell me the Best cells to use I’m already 2k deep into this and i had all the tools and supplies i could ever need to build …maybe i should have just bought a BAJA Board LMAO

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I dont think so. Now you have the ability to customize the board to your Needs and build more in the future! that is a huge plus

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Dual 6374 is not 2k deep without battery bro… Were u getting your parts :thinking: I’d say at most you would spend 1.5k with battery, A regular 12s4p from Baja or torque boards should be fine being that much of high amps and never going to use them , just a thought.

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thats exactly the battery i was going to buy thats why I’m asking about this before i pull the trigger

If you just want to ride and have fun and occasionally hit 32+ get torque boards battery , If u are a adrenaline junkie and want to ride fast get @barajabali battery pulls more amps because he has a higher amp BMS and you can request it to be bypassed if u choose

i think with everything from diylectric skateboards 1449 then i figured abec11 107 wheels and i bought 2 long board decks i liked them both so i bought 2 ,i figure I’m going to be right around 1800 to 2000 when i get done ,i

im a speed freak my last 3 cars make 700-1000rwhp i can’t have slow board and I’m not a small guy ,I’m gonna look like sasquach on a skate board LMAO

so is the stuff from DIELECTRIC skateboards ok to use ,honestly its easier to just get majority what you need from one vendor when possible

u r speed freak ah?, lol with esk8 when u pass 35mph u will starts to feel death. I mean if u can go without speed wabbles before that (do bushing setup before u try) baja use 8 giant lithum iron cell which out puts less amp than 30q 12p4s. thats why they use 4 seperate kelly controller. this thing is freaking high off ground without straps no thanks.

and on side note, when u thought it is enough you’d wants more torq more speed in the future

@Hellcat17 - Go with the 12S4P. It’s double stacked though to fit within a 26" wheelbase deck. Otherwise, you limit the type of decks that will fit all your components. 12S3P will be discontinued.

Next build I’m going to try and build 4 motors front and rear 6374 with 16/32 gearing with dual 12s2p packs if I like how this setup comes out with a 5 channel Rc car radio and reciever with motor rpm and motor temp and battery voltage and speed connected to BT , I have tons of ideas from my RC car and drone projects not to mention I have a ton of friends in the auto fabrication industry with mig and tig welding experience and CNC lathes …I’m jumping way ahead here though i need to finish 1 thing at a time here Lmao :joy:…Thanks for all the input guys

Hi ! Do you’ve built a fast sport eSk8 ? Cause I want to build one that can reach 60kph minimum, I can reach 70kph may be more now (because I’m better than last year) on a normal longboard. It is hard to find some example of config on the web… 20kmph is cruising for me… I’ve tried some normal eSk8.

I just want to say going fast on a car is easy putting your ass on a stick of wood going 30+mph with no weight to back it up you will feel death. It takes skill to ride or stabilize at that speed


well I own a quite few boards my fastest board can hit around 60 mph(106kph) never bin there but I cruise around 30mph(48kph)and I’ve gone up too 42mph (67kph) last time I checked. it’s a 4wd carvon evo 12s6p 30q bms bypassed

here’s a clip of me riding I don’t want to derail this thread but I all ready made a thread build about it if u want to look it up

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I’m in the same boat dude, this shit is expensive fml

But so fun, and its all about good quality at the end of the day… I hope!