Which Bestech BMS for 12S

Hi Guys looking for a 12S BMS from Bestech, any recommendations? So far the HCX-D223V1 looks favorite. Doesn’t have a battery temperature probe tho just the board temperature.

either get it from buildkitboards.com or direct from bestech. dunno the model number but either the 60a or 80a discharge boards are great

Better off with a reseller as @mynamesmatt says Bestech have a 2 unit minimum. If you are going discharge and charge then the higher the amp rating the better. You don’t want it interfering at high loads.

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Charge/ discharge d596 Charge only d140

@dareno always good to get 2 units… Either you short something Or you get into your second build Or resell it here, bms are always needed :sweat_smile:


too true brother too true


I use d122 it’s almost the same size, can handle 15A charging and it also has the equilibrium function.

the d140 can handle 15a charging too, but what is the equilibrium function?

Yes, both are 15A

It’s suppose to make all packs to have the same voltage somehow

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but isn´t a bms always making the cells the same vollatge? or you mean that the d140 only balance when fully charged and charger plugged and the d122 also balance when the cells “rest” without charger attached?

Most BMSs on the market won’t keep the cells balanced if they have different voltages, they will only prevent to be charged if there is big difference, avoid overcharge, avoid overdischarge, but usually won’t balance p groups

that´s new to me, or i just got it wrong. do you mean that a usual bms not balance all single cells in a p-group? than we speak about the same. as far as I understood a bms will balance all p groups according to there overall voltage (doesn´t matter how much cells in the p-group). If there cells with different volltage in the p-group they not getting active ballanced by the bms (but by voltage floating inbetween the pack maybe?)

Only some bms will balance p-groups, I have used several BMSs in the past, they suppose to start to reduce the voltage of the highest voltage pack when they reach the balance voltage which is usually above 4.2V by applying resistance, however the resistors are usually tiny and it’s takes forever to just balance a 0.1V difference.

The second issue is that the charger usually stops supplying voltage to the pack when it reaches EOC voltage even before reaching balance voltage

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According to it it wouldn’t make a sense at all to use a bms for charge only :thinking: As long as the bms doesn’t start balancing before 4.2v. Bit If it is a cc/cv charger he will not stop charging as long as there is a current request from the bms. So even with 4.2v in time of balancing of the bms the Charger should output 50-100ma (that’s what the balance current should be about) No?