Which BMS to choose for 10s3p Samsung 30Q

Hello, I’m going to update my table and I do not know what BMS would be useful for me ??

I will use the following updates:

2 Motors Flipsky 6354 190KV (2450W x 2)

1 Dual FSESC4.20 Plus

10s3p (samsung 30Q that is 9Ah)

I am in doubt between two BMS for my battery, since I do not know how the direct discharge current is calculated. I have two BMS options selected, what would be better for me?

  1. BMS 10s 36V (option 60A common port)
  2. BMS 10s 36V (connecting only up to 10s)

if you wanna discharge through your bms, the first one may work but those can be a bit sketchy.


these guys are a reputable brand and are decently priced. 60a will be fine with 3p