Which Calibers to buy?

I know Enertion uses 50 degree trucks but when looking for Calibers I find two different lengths, 9" and 10".

Should I get 50 degree 9" or 10" trucks to suit Enertion drive wheels? Does it even matter?

Get Caliber II’s with 10" axle. Too short and your mount may hit the part where the hangar flanges. If you’re using Enertion’s wheel pulley, you’ll need to cut off some of the hanger unless you buy Enertion’s trucks as well.

Oh ok…Is there a pulley that does not need extra cutting? The cutting seems easy enough to do with my dremel, but just curious.

's doesn’t need modification. Evolve also offers an ABEC pulley as well, though I’m not sure if they need modification.

Evolve have an own bearing and need a shortened truck as well

I’d agree with @Jinra. Get the longer 10" Caliber II’s.

What wheels and drive pulley do you recommend?

I’m using orangatang kegels, but if i were to buy again I’d get evolves GT 83mm black wheels. Would probably use enertion’s pulley and cut the hangar, if not but their hangar.

Miami electric boards also has a 3d printed wheel pulley that, I don’t believe, needs modification.