Which company has a great aftersale service?

Hi guys, I’m currently searching to buy a new esk8 after my really bad experience with a dyieboard.com kit. I would like a company with good aftersale service just to avoid all the trouble I had with my previous purchase. Any company you would like to recommend me knowing I live in Europe?



Thanks for your response but I need a small board to commute around the city and that can fit in my locker

No problem. However you would get more proper responses if you specified your requirements, budget etc. Also go to https://forum./ You will find a lot more people there to answer your questions.


Okay thanks a lot !

id go meepo on a budget

@riverside.rider haggyboards


If you don’t want to do diy and just want to buy a board, go with backfire. Best mid tier eskate brand. I’ve had meepo, evolve, and backfire, personally recommend backfire.

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Thanks! Backfire seems to have really nice product but I wanted a smaller board, do you think I could just basically buy the G2 or G3 and just swap the deck ?

Their mini is pretty good, otherwise I’d recommend the g3. I’ve never done a deck swap but it’s possible for sure.

Okay, thanks a lot!

The only option if you want great aftersale service imo.