Which connector type do I have on my hub motor?

I bought the following hub motor and was wondering which connector you would use to connect them to the vesc: http://www.diyeboard.com/dual-hub-motor-9052mm-1000w75kv-power-truck-front-truck-kit-p-558.html

What’s the name of these three “banana plug like” connectors? Would you stick with them or cut them and solder actual banana plugs? Untitled

why did you buy these

also if you dont know what plugs they are just replace em with ones you’re familiar with

that was the plan but now I was thinking to buy the counter part if I would know the name

nah she’ll be right. Aren’t these known for snapping?

They are bullet connectors. It says the size on the site.

Replace them, they tend to get loose and (because of that) melt. The sensor wires also need to be changed to fit, @rey8801 wrote something about that.

Hi, the phase wires have bullet connectors. Depends what you use on your VESC you will need to change it on the motor. At least 4mm connector, I would say. For the sensor wire your need JST PH 6 pins. For the order you can find between my post in the GB thread that didn’t work out at the end (https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/eu-group-buy-cheap-hub-motor-set-90-mm-canceled/42647?u=Rey8801)