Which could be the best ESC other than the VESC?

Been through 2 burned VESCs, one with BLDC and the other with FOC, both DRV fried.

I understand that it’s an open source concept and there are many manufacturers out there that have different qualities and prices. there’s a lot to learn, study, and there’s still the risk for user error which is big.

I’m a little bit tired and frustrated so I want to move on to another ESC.

What would be the best ESC other than the VESC?

Tb 12s esc

What brand of VESC was it?

x2 Torqueboards 12s esc. I have four of them. They are plug and play after you get rid of reverse, set the brakes, start up and voltage cut off.

Think he meant the tb esc not vesc

@willpark16 oh you’re right, sorry! I’ll delete my comment to avoid confusion. thx!

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Or maybe wait for VESC 6 :wink: