Which Flipsky VESC is better: 4.12 or 4.20

Hi, I want to get rid of the terrible electronic provided by Leiftech on my E-Freebord.

Problem is I’m a total newb in electronic.

I want to get 2X single VESC +remote + battery and charger. But it is hard to chose, especialy if I want something available right now (this is the case).

I was thinking about 2X mini Vesc from Flipsky but I don’t know which VESC to chose between 2 single 4.12 or 2 single 4.20.

The 4.12 is rated for: Current: 50A continuous / 240A peak while the 4.20 is rated for 50A continuous,instantaneous current 150A.

They made a page listing differences, but as I said: I don’t know much about this. So what would chose and which one do you think is the most reliable?

Any help/advices welcome. (but please do not tell me to buy a product available in 6 month, I need someting now as I have already waited too long for this. Thank you.

74 views and no opinions? Well, I’ve ordered the 4.20 as it is FOC compatible. I hope I made the good choice. :grinning:

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Hey sorry for the lack of responses :sweat_smile:. I’m not sure about the 4.12 and 4.20 bit I am currently awaiting delivery of the 6.6 myself. Good luck with your purchase. I think I’ll make a post reviewing the 6.6 after a month or so as there isn’t much info online about flipsky products. .

Your best choice should be 4.2 dual plus. It’s the most stable version. Between 4.12 single and 4.2 single, 4.12 is more reliable. You could also check https://www.ebmakers.com/collections/x-esc

Too late. As I said I already ordered 2X 4.20. I need 2 singles as it is more convenient to install on a Freebord than a dual VESC. Install will be underside, one vesc near each motor (front and rear).

Why the single 4.12 should more stable than the 4.20?

i have no idea, i have the 4.20 dual ( not the plus one) and its quite bad, or maybe im just putting shit values into it, idk,but it has problems for sure