Which hub motor has the most torque (hill climb climb ability)?

Of the various hub motors available in the community, which ones have the most torque?

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If Enertion lives up to its claims, the Ghost Hubs, second would be Hummies XL Hub motors, 3rd being the Jacob’s hubs. Now if we include direct drives I know CarVon is up there.

I unfortunately don’t have the answer to your exact question, but if you really need more torque, you can always add a second hub motor. You’ll need 2 escs though.

I really want to like those carvon v3 hubs. I would like to see how they hold up compared to jacobs hubs.

I’d also love to see the new hummie motor in action

Direct Drive generally just means that there is no gears or transmission components separating the motor and the wheel.

Therefore all hub motors are Direct Drive. So technically, Carvon can be called hub motor or direct drive. You could also say “in-wheel motor” it’s all the same.

However, this topic can get confusing, because some people & industries may also call drive trains that use spur gears (non-belt ) a “Direct Drive” system.

Personally, i think using the term “Direct Drive” to describe a drive train that has extra parts for transmission seems to be an incorrect use of the terminology.

Anyway, here is a HUB MOTOR, DIRECT DRIVE, IN-WHEEL MOTOR electric skateboard pulling a truck.

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we won’t know till we get them all in place and do some up hill races! :sunglasses:

Carvon and hummies are already here in Cali, and inboard too. just need some ghosts and mellow? and of course some belt drives for comparison!

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Yeeezus!!! that is going to haul me up a hill no problem.

I’m information hungry! I am anxious to plan my first build :slight_smile:

I’m in S.F. - I think a comparison with all the major hub wheels similar to the one done for jacob vs hummie is a worthy endeavor. AFAIK I’m relatively close to hummie and others.

We have every electric-board’s worst nightmare (hills) in spades.

Yea id like to see them all side by side and try them myself.

LA isn’t know for hills but there are some pretty good ones in my area. Which is why Im riding a single belt drive.

Other wise you need at least dual hubs and pretty serious battery.

We made a set of hub motors a while back before deciding on our Jed Drive. They’re 90kv sensored and 90mm wheel size. Be happy to send you a set to test out. They fit into standard caliber and paris trucks without modifications or an extended hangar.