Which li-ion cells Should I use?

I’ve decided that I prefer all the benefits of using 18650’s, so found some laptop batteries and I’ve found some LGABD11865’s I’m struggling to find other people using these for batteries packs. Is there a reason for this or are others just more common? sorry if this is a stupid question I’m new to Li-ion batteries.

You need to do alot of research on cells before you buy. Shipping will often be a killer unless you buy in bulk.

For most people, it costs significantly more to build a single pack than it does to buy one.

You need a spot welder, specialized components, and experience with working on dangerous cells.

I dont want to discourage you, but building your own packs can be a massive headache.

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Solderless NESE modules are an option, but to answer the question I think the Samsung 30Qs are the most commonly used ones but of course it depends on the battery size you want. 12s4p 30Q is quite common since it has a solid capacity and solid discharge (in large enough packs but it will depend on what you need), enough for the average build/most builds

They are, but the end cost can be more than a simple welded pack. They are also a fair bit bigger

I understand everything i need to do to make these batteries and the danger im just wondering specifically about these LG cells i mentioned

These LG cells can’t provide enough current for an esk8 and would sag instantly. 30Q cells are good for about 20A, these LG ones can only do about 5A.