Which Liion cells for 1P battery pack?

I want to build an additional battery pack for my Lou board (which can only take a 1P battery). The obvious choice is 30Q cells but I am wondering if a VTC6 might be the better solution (or other types - I am open to recommendations). Use case will be uphill to work for say 5min - until now I used the original Panasonic cells but the sag is real and I want more oomph. Other than the short uphill section its mostly flat and fairly easy on the battery.

Let me know what you’d choose!

Samsung 30T?


Or 40T, almost same discharge as 30T

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if you want to go with 18650 than VTC5A

Form factor significantly different on them though

well I am not sure if the 21700 batteries will fit so I’d rather use the 18650 I know will work.

VTC5A or if you can find VTC6A both good options

Have you considered splitting lipos?

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nvm out of stock

Whats the difference between the one i linked and this?


to me it seems that its the same battery probably just an old listing

I just remember an old post about 30q and VTC6 that concluded that the Samsung are actually preferable because of cycle life or whatever. I know about the constant discharge curves and somehow can’t bring myself to get the Sony at double the price than 30Q. Is there any data out there for this burst like behavior that I am interested in for a short uphill climb?

Out of a box full of discarded vape batteries, all the brand new looking VTC6s were dead but one. Out of all the old worn out looking 30Q, maybe one or two were completely dead.

That’s anecdotal but it’s enough to convince me personally to never build a pack with VTCxs expecting it to last too long.

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I’ve run both cells to the ground and VTC6s are slightly better but does not justify the price difference. I prefer working with VTC6 because the button is slightly raised too.


Well I guess I go with 30Q then.

Check out the sanyo 20700B. You might just squeeze those in no?

I doubt there’s room in the Lou board for those, but I could be wrong. I don’t have one. They look rather cramped inside.

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I think they might fit when not using a case around the battery. But I’d rather not try and find out they don’t so I’ll stick to 18650 for now.

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just got some 30q cells today:


I am in Germany so probably better off with a direct nkon purchase (I have to order some Sanyo GAs as well for another ebike pack anyway). But your battery looks amazing with the p groups and copper braid :+1:

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Anybody know how the Samsung 50E performs? https://eu.nkon.nl/rechargeable/21700-20700-size/samsung-inr21700-50e.html Can’t seem to find any discharge curves on the web.

Looks like the 50E is actually quite capable. https://lygte-info.dk/review/batteries2012/Samsung%20INR21700-50E%205000mAh%20(Cyan)%20UK.html

I am thinking of building an ebike pack out of it in a 3P configuration - should outperform a 4P Sanyo GA pack

@PXSS you seemed to like the GA quite a lot - have you considered the 50E for your projects?