Which Loctite do you prefer?

  • Blue
  • Red
  • Other

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Just wanted to find out which version of this essential item you guys use for your builds.

Wow it’s 50/50.

Survey says, Blue is preferred!

Actually I use purple stuff form HK

Blue holds up really well, and still removable without torching. Its a no brainer.


Blue unless you don’t want it to come off then use red

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I’ve used blue so far. nr. 243 from Loctite. Doing lots of cobble stones and rough terrain. Never had problems with the hold. Stronger option would be the red nr 263 from loctite, but as the blue already made me drill screws that wouldn’t come loose I’m sticking with blue. For mounting pulleys without any shafts I would reccommend the green one nr.603.

They have different numbers of all of them, but these are the ones almost every hardware store got on the shelve


I use Blue on normal Screws, green on some with high forces.

I use blue for almost everything. Red only if it’s something I never want coming off.

this reminds me i’m almost out of the stuff. I prefer red on critical things like mounting clamps and motor plate screws and blue on box bolts which don’t have a lot of stress on them but will back out if nothing is used.

You have to use heat to get red off. On small screws use purple.

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I use red for motor pulley and that holds perfectly. I find that you have to put a lot of blue for it to hold well, not just a tiny drop like red.


which model/type blue loctite or blue similar do you recommend?

Loctite Blue 243

this one?

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Haven’t seen anyone mention it but blue loctite tape is great. This is especially the case if you’re screwing enclosures to the board you don’t want to get any loctite on the plastic because loctite can damage plastic – the tape is just more precise. It’s expensive but every screw I’ve used it on has stuck unlike my experience with liquid blue loctite and you don’t need very much. It’s also a lot less messy.


I just use blue. I like the tape though!

Do you guys let the blue sit for 24 hours?

Nah, put it on and go ride

Lol I did and they come loose… I mean the Keyway makes sure it won’t slip but it’s not tight side to side… I can move the motor pulley left and right… they just run up against the motor mount so I put some washers…