Which motor should I choose? Any input welcome!

Im having a tough time deciding between Carvon v4 (speed drive most likely) or Hummies most recent hub motors. I will be using a 10s3p battery and I come in at under 120 lbs. I have a decent amount of sloped hills in my area around 15% grade. Not all my roads are the best and I OFTEN deal with bumpy and uneven roads as well. I really value a silent/low profile motor as I don’t want to stand out.

Pros of Carvon:

  • thick, big wheels
  • easily replaceable
  • strong and fast

Cons of Carvon:

  • you gotta dish out some cash $
  • not as low profile?

Pros of Hummies:

  • not as expensive
  • incredibly well built
  • i wont have to wait a year to get them (burn carvon)
  • very low profile
  • replaceable treads

Cons of Hummies:

  • not SUPER thick tread
  • limited wheel customization

Whats your opinion and what did i miss? Thanks, and happy skating!

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I think that’s a pretty accurate description of the pros and cons. Personally I’d go with Hummies because I’m not a fan of the huge wheels required to run Carvons, plus Hummies look stealthier. Also I think the weight between the two would be roughly the same. I believe that Hummie is using a much bigger stator than Carvon, and thus they will likely have more power, but since Carvons need bigger wheels the weight of those is probably similar to the added weight from Hummies huge motors.

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I don’t like the sound of hub motors, but I love the sound of Carvons I was always under the impression that there the best! I don’t rlly know much about them but that’s my input.

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thank you!

ok thanks for in info bud!

But why not just go belts?

I value silence, a low profile build and less work XD


Same here, I really value silence.

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