Which motor size is more popular for DIY skateboards?

Hey guys,

Got a question I’m sure you guys could probably answer. :raised_hand:

Which motor size is more popular for DIY skateboards, 63mm or 50mm?

Diameter C (mm), first two digits:

Ntm 5060 270kv EMP 6354 270kv

Not sure if popularity for one or the other is based on preference, availability, power output or a combination. Thanks for your input.

63mm are more popular than 50mm

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63mm motors because most people are fine with single drive drivetrains.

50mm motors are better on dual setups. Ex. Ollin’s Freerride, Evolve GT… Boosted?

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there’s a discussion about which one is better, somewhere in the forum. but yeah, seems like 63mm motors mostly popular for mono drive. haven’t tried 50mm motors but planning to for dual drive.

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