Which settings do you use for your dual motor VESCs

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I just want to ask a simple question as to how do you guys set the VESC in terms of motor settings and remote control settings ect for your dual motors setup ("could exclude the CAN bas settings.).

Depends on what type of motor, battery, bms and other stuff you have on your board. There is no generic answer.

For an explanation about how to setup up your settings, this helped me personally a lot when I made the switch from bldc to vesc tool and needed to set up a new board. https://youtu.be/v1glLDO-EjA

There seldom is it seems in regards to esk8

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Not telling me much but in the older software there it looks like that for the App general and PPM config:

60 amp motor max 30 amp motor min 40 amp batt max 10amp batt regen