White powder on batteries

So I rode my esk8 board for about three miles today. This is my first time taking it this far. After I was done there was a white powder on one of the batteries. Was I over exerting them? The batteries are also fit very tightly in my enclosure, could this be a problem? What is the white stuff and should a be concerned?

Pictures please

From what I know… It couldn’t have been anything maybe just road debris

Here are pictures. You can see the white powder on the first one. It is in the shape of the battery. It is on the inside of the enclosure. It is only on the sides of the batteries that are touching the board and the enclosure. It seems to have gone right through the casing, is this even possible?

That’s really weird. Lipos are sealed and heat shrink prevents anything else from seeping thru. I’d say nothing to worry about. Hit your batteries with a lipo meter to check if they’re in balance. Might be the friction when you’re riding the plastic sticker is shaving off or the enclosure is shaving off

Do some tests by cleaning them completely and then put them in a ziplock bag and ride for another 3 miles. Or put them in a different position be used you said only one got dust on it. Might be the positioning.

This is kinda off topic but I noticed your using a Scorpion mechanical switch. If your running your batteries in series 12s Then be advised, that switch will fail eventually. Or quickly if you ride daily. Because every time you operate the switch, there will be arcing between the contact points and they will burn out. I know this first hand as I tried using this type of switch on my first build. These switches are designed for 12v systems. Your best bet would be either a high voltage switch product/electric-skateboard-on-off-power-switch/ or xt90 anti spark connector

Yea he bought the board from me this switch is pretty new. Not sure what voltage he’s running he added a bunch of mods to it like the enclosure but I ran a scorpion switch on my main board on 10s for like 6 months and it’s still going fine but I expect it to burn eventually.

I think he’s running 6s…? That’s what it looks like. Those aren’t 6s batteries I don’t think

I ran 12s with mine and it didn’t last long. As you can see in the pic, the points where totally burnt. And the spring got weak and I started having intermittent loss of power from the batteries. I have a brand new Scorpion 250 amp switch and an almost new 150 amp switch sitting in a box. I won’t even try to use them. I’m now using an anti-spark bullet connector and that has been the most dependable. Truth is, these switches are designed to replace fuses as a circuit breaker. They are not meant to be an on/off switch

Can you link us to what you now use?

EDIT: didn’t realize what you meant I know what that is lol yea I may try that on my next build!

I’m using this now. They work like magic


Just ordered two of these

Cheerwing 2 Sets Amass XT90-S 90A-120A Anti Spark 4.5mm Connector Plug Male/Female (Upgrade XT90) Flame Resistant Housing- US https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00T8S7I8M/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_.CjxxbGAFPGTF

I’ve heard that those work good as well. They would be the best option if your already using xt90 connectors

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Thanks for the advice!

I’m running 10s. Good to know though. I’ll replace it with an xt90 or bullet antispark soon. It shouldn’t cause any damage if it fails before that though right?

On the original topic, I have installed plastic bags on my batteries and did some light testing. I am leaning towards it just being debris, the only reason it may not be is because it was so white. I’ll test it some more though and post my results :stuck_out_tongue:

the powder is the plastic of your container being worn away from batteries vibrating against it.

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I got excited when I saw the title and read White Power. now im sad

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