White substance in between ESC and metal plate?

Hey guys, I took apart my board to fix it because the ESC burnt out. When I separated the ESC and the metal plate, there was some white paste in between, still wet.

I’m guessing its thermal paste but I just wanted to get confirmation. Here are some pics of it.

I have some spare thermal paste from my building my PC. Would something like this be okay to replace it?

yea it’s thermal paste. Yes the pc stuff is probably fine.

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Awesome, thanks!

yup, thermal paste. Any PC store, Amazon, Ebay… whatever ya find will be fine

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Shit I put way too much paste and its gushing out the sides. And I can’t wipe it off since I already closed it and all the screws are stripped lol. Would it harm the electronics? The paste is supposed to be non-conductive.

It should be fine. Thermal paste is made to not cause trouble. I would still watch it for awhile and look for anything ad normal. But I would say you are all good.

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Will do, thanks!