Who does fusion360 and wants to work with me on a 18650 copper compression pack?

i’m not good at fusion and trying to get this design changed because the print showed it too tight on the cells and they wont go in without tearing shrinkwrap. I plan to print it again then make a mold and pour them, insert the pimpled copper between the two halves and add rubber bands voila. if youre interested in such a thing hit me up and I can connect you to my fusion or maybe we could do a simultaneous computer action…I have an icon on my screen for such a thing I’d send you a bunch for your pack to try with the copper and bands if we can get it done…if you can get it printed and sent to me even better


Is this a universal battery case?

this thing above is two pieces and I fit copper between the two parts and then put the completed thing as you see it above on either side of a 4p group and then compressed with strong rubber bands to hold the connections.

I am not a market wis but is this for personal use? If so, how much do these thing usually cost to make?

for me. no one else feels safe I imagine! to make it wont cost much, cheaper than printing since I’ll pour the molds. the copper is maybe 4$ a 48 cell pack. rubber bands maybe 4$ too. resin maybe 10$

I would use rubber splicing tape instead of broccoli bands.


You can set it up with as much pressure as you want, depending on how much you stretch it while wrapping.

Top it off with glass tape or a dab of E6000 or something else if you want, to make sure it doesent undo itself.



xxx that was a while ago.

the design above culminated in this, that still would go with rubberbands, but never put it together on a board. but then you have to somehow put it in a box bolted under the board and didnt want to do that. if you want the design or even a complete bunch of these to try pm me. WIN_20180214_19_35_07_Pro

Would rubberband compress the pack together? Why not use springs behind the copper instead?

with the rubberbands then can be its own complete battery, with these green parts too and done. but the other design im making now uses compression foam